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Recognized by clients as the most quality driven, transparent and dependable partner , Covenant prides itself to be the leading player in the Telecommunication Space in the region since 2007. 

With out deep expertise and strong management , we can assure you a worry free delivery of of end-to-end services while helping you enhance efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate roll-out of cutting-edge network technology, equipment, and infrastructure.


Network Architecture

A good Architecture and Network Plan forms the basis of your Network Quality and Scalability. Covenant Architecture team consisting of over 80 experienced and qualified network engineers are deeply versed in conventional and emerging technologies and will help you design state of the art, scalable, and efficient networks covering wireless (radio & microwave) and optical technologies.


Network Architecture Services

Radio Network Planning

  • 2G/3G/4G/5G Dimensioning & Design

  • RF Nominal Planning and Candidate Selection

  • Technical Site Surveys

  • 5G RF Drive Testing

  • Propagation Model Tuning

  • Frequency Audits and Planning

  • In-Building Active and Passive DAS system design

  • Site Verification

Microwave Planning

  • Line of Sight Surveys for Access & Backbone links

  • Microwave Link Design for Access & Backbone networks

  • Capacity and QoS Planning for Packet Radio networks

Optical Network Planning

  • SDH/MSPP/DWDM/ASON Network Architecture & High-level Design

  • Network Capacity & Node Dimensioning

  • Span Design for DWDM/ASON Networks

  • DCN Design 


Core Planning and Optimization

  • R4 Core Network Planning (On Site & Remote)

  • Datafill Preparation for new rollouts and expansions

  • IP Planning

Write to us to know of our customer case studies and project references


Network Rollout & Upgrades

Network providers need to continuously upgrade and expand their networks with latest technologies and higher capacities. Covenant's Rollout team with over 100 + certified professionals support you with end to end rollout and modernization services

Each project is led by a Project Manager heading a qualified and experienced team that works closely with client’s team to ensure adherence to committed deadlines and budgets.

With our end to end rollout management services including logistics, installation, commissioning, stability testing, acceptance and documentation and project management,  we offer a one stop shop for all your network deployment requirements


Network Rollout Services

Mobile Network Deployment

  • BTS / NodeB Installation and Commissioning

  • Live Network BTS & Microwave Swaps

  • BSC/ RNC/TCSM Installation and Commissioning

  • Core and VAS Nodes Installation and Commissioning

  • Cabinet Expansions, TRX Expansions

  • Equipment Decommissioning & Dismantling


In-building Coverage Solutions

  • Installation of Active and Passive DAS Systems

  • Indoor GSM Room Civil Works

  • Indoor BTS Implementation & Integration


Transmission Network Rollouts

  • SDH/DWDM System Installations and Integration

  • IP Backhaul Systems Deployment and Integration

  • IP- MAN/WAN Network rollout

  • GPON/ FTTx Network implementations

  • Fiber and copper connectivity solutions

  • ISP infrastructure deployment

  • Power Systems and Electrical work

Write to us to know of our customer case studies and project references


Network Operations

Customers today expect nothing less than 100% network availability and quality. Covenant team offers deep experience and expertise in various stage of managing and maintaining of live wireless and  optical voice and data networks as well as managing its associated infrastructure including 24/7 NOC based services, field maintenance as well as Third Line fault management services.


Network Operations Services


Field Maintenance Services


  • BSS and Transmission Network O&M Service

  • Infrastructure Maintenance Service

  • In Building DAS Maintenance Service

Operations Support Services


  • Multivendor/multi-technology Network Monitoring

  • Remote Network Integration & Configuration Management

  • Second Level product support

  • Network Traffic Migrations

  • Capacity Management and Optimization Service

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions with Shared Remote NOC Solution


Professional Services


  • Managed Services Transition & Transformation Consultancy

  • Managed Services Processes and Organizational Consultancy

  • Network Risk Assessment and Audits

  • Network Security Compliances and Certifications

Write to us to know of our customer case studies and project references

Network Optimization

Networks todays have become highly complex as they have been expanded by layer on layer of newer technologies. Covenant Optimization team deeply studies the networks at traffic layer and reccomends solutions to simplify network layers thereby offerings avings in space, power and support costs and increases ease of operations.

Our multi vendor RF Optimization team has been optimizing Wireless Networks for leading operators since past 12 years. We deploy advance tools and technologies that enable us to effectively monitor network performances and identify impending bottlenecks.


Network Optimization Services

Radio Network Optimization & Assurance

  • E2E Network Optimization

  • KPI Monitoring and Improvement

  • Network Benchmarking Services

  • Customized KPI Reporting, Analysis & Improvement

  • Pre-Launch Verification & Optimization

  • RF Drive Testing

  • Site Audits & Hardware Optimization

  • Capacity Analysis and Resource Optimization

  • Special Events Network Enhancement Services


Microwave Planning and Optimization

  • Customized Link Performance Monitoring tools

  • Link Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement

  • Interference Audits and Analysis

  • Frequency Plan Audits and Optimization

Optical Network Planning & Optimization

  • Network Synchronization Audits

  • DCN Audits  

  • Network Capacity Management & Optimization

  • Network SPOF Analysis

  • Network Inventory Audits and Database reconciliations


Core Planning and Optimization

  • Core Network Audits

  • Parameter and Feature Audits

  • IP Planning

Write to us to know of our customer case studies and project references

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