Network Planning & Optimization

In today’s highly competitive telecom marketplace, ensuring optimal usage of existing network resources and ensuring top quality of service to the customers are key elements for service providers to stay ahead of the curve.

Through our rich global experience in Network Planning Services, we work with clients to design optimal and efficient and scalable networks. Our specialists work with clients to weigh various design options to ensure quick deployments times, scalability and adaptability into existing networks.

Our offerings in Mobile domain include

    Radio Network Planning
  • 2G/3G/LTE Dimensioning & Design
  • RF Nominal Planning and Candidate Selection
  • Technical Site Surveys
  • RF Drive Testing
  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Frequency Audits and Planning
  • In-Building Active and Passive DAS system design
  • Site Verification
  • Radio Network Optimization & Assurance

  • E2E Network Optimization
  • KPI Monitoring and Improvement
  • Network Benchmarking Services
  • Customized KPI Reporting, Analysis & Improvement
  • Pre-Launch Verification & Optimization
  • RF Drive Testing
  • Site Audits & Hardware Optimization
  • Capacity Analysis and Resource Optimization
  • Special Events Network Enhancement Services
  • Microwave Planning and Optimization
  • Line of Sight Surveys for Access & Backbone links
  • Microwave Link Design for Access & Backbone networks
  • Capacity and QoS Planning for Packet Radio networks
  • Customized Link Performance Monitoring tools
  • Link Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement
  • Interference Audits and Analysis
  • Frequency Plan Audits and Optimization
    Optical Network Planning & Optimization
  • SDH/MSPP/DWDM/ASON Network Architecture & High Level Design
  • Network Capacity & Node Dimensioning
  • Span Design for DWDM/ASON Networks
  • Network Synchronization Design & Audits
  • DCN Audits & Designs
  • Network Capacity Management & Optimization
  • Network SPOF Analysis
  • Network Inventory Audits and Database reconciliations
  • Core Planning and Optimization
  • R4 Core Network Planning (On Site & Remote)
  • Core Network Audits
  • Datafill Preparation for new rollouts and expansions
  • Paramater & Feature Audits
  • IP Planning